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Money Heist Season 5B Review

Money Heist, the Spanish show that took the world by storm has finally ended. After months of speculations and fan theories floating around the internet, the series has ended on a conclusive note. While the first half of season 5 focused on the more emotional aspect, the second half is full of unexpected twists, heartfelt tears and a nail-biting finish. 

The last instalment, as fans expected, was full of twists and turns that one expects from the show. The series, in its entirety, is like of game of chess between the Professor and the police; each constantly trying to beat the other. 

The professor played by Álvaro Morte delivers a top-notch performance along with the rest of the cast. With occasional flashbacks of the characters sprinkled around the entirety of the series, the end provides a proper closure to all characters and ties up all the loose ends starting from the very inception of the show. 

Rafael (Berlin’s son) got a considerable amount of screentime in Season 5, and in the end, fans can finally understand why. Watching the heist members sing ‘Bella Ciao’ was nostalgic and reminded us of the first time we heard it in Season 1. Though the gang has lost some members, the spirit of the resistance lies within them. 

Image: Netflix

Delivering a fitting ending to a show that has a global fandom is quite tough, as the expectations are sky-high. The last time we saw the finale for a show with a worldwide audience was Game of Thrones, and we all know how that turned out. However, for Money Heist, the show creators remained true to their style of storytelling and delivered a finale faithful to the Money Heist style. 

If you think about it, Money Heist is essentially a show where you are rooting for the bad guys and hoping the law fails to do what it should. Money Heist Season 5B is an emotional rollercoaster that manages to hook the audience until the very end, which in itself is a remarkable feat.

Final Verdict: 4.2 stars (out of 5)