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The Sinner Season 4 Review

The Sinner season 4 carefully balances the character-led drama and mystery thriller element of the narrative that keeps the audience guessing, even till the final minutes of the finale. What sets The Sinner apart from the overcrowded crime-solving genre is its ability to uncover the pain, trauma and complexities behind criminal cases. 

The Sinner season 4 starts with a retired Detective Ambrose who is still traumatised after the brutal events of Season 3. The former detective and his new girlfriend Sonya Barzel (Jessica Hecht) decide that staying at an island getaway is the perfect way to leave the past behind. Things, however, go south when a mysterious resident of the island disappears and Ambrose joins the investigation to unroot the dark secrets of the small town.

Bill Paulman once again brings the best out of Detective Ambrose and expresses the complexity of the character perfectly. The season focuses on the detective’s struggle and obsession to solve a case, despite the pleas of the local residents. The show is well known for its twists fueled by dark secrets and this season delivers that once again. 

Speaking to TVLine about the conclusion of Ambrose’s story, executive producer Derek Simonds said, “By the end of this season, Ambrose sees through Percy, and through this story, the cost of self blame, and the cost of holding yourself responsible. It’s a neurotic cycle, and it’s its own form of narcissism, in some way – to constantly feed, and be fed by, your own guilt.

Image: Netflix

The detective who still has his demons over the death of Jamie Burns in season 3, relates to the guilt that Percy was carrying. However, unlike the latter who ended her life, Ambrose decides that there is “another way” to deal with his demons. 

The Sinner, a crime drama series that first aired on USA Network in 2017 will wrap up its run with season 4 – which might dishearten fans who expected a fifth season to follow. Nonetheless, the show has come a full circle to the character arc of Detective Ambrose who has undergone tremendous changes throughout the series. 

The Sinner Season 4 airs on USA Network while the previous season 1- 3 are available on Netflix. 

Final Verdict: 4.4 stars (out of 5)