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You Season 3: A Tribute to Toxic Relationships

You season 3 bring back your friendly neighbourhood stalker Joe (Penn Badgley) to satisfy your cravings for a binge-able thriller show with a dash of parental issues. The show picks up after the events of the second season which saw our ‘favourite’ couple entering into parenthood. So you can expect a whole lot of suspense, murders and drama once again. 

You Season 3 starts off with Joe and Love settling into the new fictional suburb Marde Linda. Leaving behind the unnerving previous events of the show, the killer couple ties the knot and have a kid together. Life seems to be perfect, or too perfect rather because the toxicity of their relationship finally gets the better of them. 

The lives of the people in Madre Linda seem perfect, but as the show goes on, it turns out it was all but a facade. The intense and well-developed suspense element of the show keeps you hitting the ‘next episode’ button ever so often. Even the soundtrack of the season matches the ambience of the scenes perfectly. 

Image: Netflix

Love (Victoria Pedretti) is probably our highlight of this season. We get to see an unhinged character that creates several tense moments while being very impulsive in her actions. In reality, some of her choices throughout the season were so unsettling that even Joe seemed like a decent guy. Her brutal outbursts are a result of passion-fueled impulsive attacks which are opposite to Joe’s near-constant calculations. 

You, which is based on a book by the same name, aired its first season on Lifetime. In hindsight, moving the physiological thriller show to Netflix helped it generate immense pop culture popularity and makes it one of the many shows which benefit from Netflix exclusivity. 

The back and forth between Joe and Love’s constant moral battles and their desire to make things “better” keeps the series interesting. The series is by no means perfect, and if you have don’t have the mental energy to tolerate sociopathic murder machines – you should steer right clear. 

And yes, now that You has been renewed for a fourth season, it will interesting to see how things escalate once again. 

Final Verdict: 3.5 stars (out of 5)