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What To Expect From The Walking Dead Season 11, Part 2

The Walking Dead season 11 part two returns to AMC from February 20 though subscribers of AMC+ can stream the episodes a week early starting February 13. The second half of the series’ final season will consist of eight episodes that will set up the third and final batch of the series. 

As previously established, season 11 will be released in three parts; each consisting of eight episodes. The upcoming season’s next batch of episodes will continue to play out the numerous cliffhangers from the first half. The new trailer for the upcoming season shows the survivors fighting for their place in the new world. 

The first half introduced us to the ruthless Reapers and Commonwealth community – the most advanced civilization in the series (though we do have the Civic Republic Military from The Walking Dead: World Beyond).  The Walking Dead season 11B will likely explore the Commonwealth community as we saw the introduction of governor Pamela Milton while focusing on the aftermath of the Reapers and the storm in Alexandria. 

If The Walking Dead follows the patterns of its previous releases, we can expect the final batch of episodes to drop around August or September 2022. 

Our review for The Walking Dead Season 11A has been mixed as some of the storylines weren’t executed as well as we thought they could have been. But as longtime fans of the series, it’s still exciting to see our favourite characters back in action again. 

Although the flagship series is ending, the franchise has no sign of slowing down. Fear the Walking Dead has been renewed for an eighth season with spinoff shows surrounding Daryl and Carol in the works. Another six-part series titled Tales of The Walking Dead has just started filming, so fans need not worry about more content!