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The Boys Season 3: A Diabolical Return

The Boys Season 3 is a hysterically humorous, chaotic, and shockingly gruesome series on Amazon Prime. The series continues to dissect Marvel and DC tropes while railing against the culture of money-grabbing, virtue-signalling superheroes without sacrificing entertainment. The impressive cast, good selection of soundtracks, and some cynical comedy balance out the non-stop barrage of gory superhero antics.

The latest season deals with Homelander learning the value of being authentic or ‘himself’ to the audience. The show has transitioned from mocking celebrities who hide their true selves behind lies to mocking the popularity of celebrity politicians who openly act in ways that are not generally accepted but are nevertheless adored by their supporters. 

The goal of Vought’s latest endeavour is to develop Temp V, a modified version of the substance that can provide anyone with superpowers for 24 hours. Naturally, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), the de facto leader of The Boys uses this Temp V to level the playing field with the superheroes to take them down in his typical diabolical fashion.

Temp V is an interesting addition to the story that gives more perspective to our characters as they understand what being a Supe truly feels like. 

The Boys features an impressive acting cast whose villainous performances make our stomach churn by their mere presence on the screen. Antony Starr as Homelander is incredible once again and it’s the unpredictable nature of the character that makes him a dominating figure every time he’s on screen. The scene with Deep and ‘Timothy’ is an adequate example of this. 

Image: Amazon Prime

The Boys Season 3 turns up a notch when Jensen Ackles joins the cast as Soldier Boy to bring a more twisted and fearsome character that even leads us to be sympathetic towards Homelander, for a moment at least. Solider Boy is just another Captian America who fought 

There are some excellent character arcs in the season and we get more insight into Billy Butcher’s traumatic childhood. However, some moments seem to happen for the sake of plot convenience such as M.M’s obsession with Soldier Boy as there was no foreshadowing to this previously. 

This season has had its share of unexpected happenings that stun and wrench at our emotions. Expectations will be high for season four as the finale left viewers with several unanswered questions. 

The third season of The Boys continues the two major themes from the previous season, setting up Season 4 to feature more stories about bad father figures and political satire. Political satires and parenthood themes are intensified while the story wraps up several loose threads of the plot. 

If you watching the third season of The Boys, you know what to expect – and the show manages to deliver expectations once again.  

Final Verdict: 4 stars (out of 5)