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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Footage, Details Revealed at NYCC Panel

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the latest chapter for the franchise and today, fans finally got a first look at the movie. Along with the clip, the Dragon Ball panel at New York Comic-Con dropped several interesting news and confirmations for the upcoming film. Read on to know everything about the event!

For those fans wondering where this movie falls in the timeline, it takes place after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly but before the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament. 

The world premiere of the exclusive clip took place at the New York Comic Panel, which has left fans in complete awe of the amazing visuals. We got a look at new characters from the Dragon Ball Universe which makes us even more excited for this next flick. 

And yes, after a close examination of the trailer, Broly is part of the film too! In a split second shot during a training scene, Goku can be seen sparring off with Broly in a place that seems like Vampa. 

Image: Toei Animation

Interestingly, it seems that the Red Ribbon Army will be involved in the film as the trademark band can be seen on one of the new characters. Meanwhile, we also got a shot at Piccolo who seems to be training Gohan’s daughter Pan. 

Norihiro Hayashida, the producer from Toei Animation and Akio Iyoku, the executive producer were part of the New York Comic-Con panel. The duo are part of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and were also involved in the previous film Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

When asked about the production of the film, Hayashida stated that the production of the film is on schedule with the film’s release for 2022. He assured fans of a cinematic experience that has never been experienced before. The panel also confirmed that Vegeta and Whis will be part of the upcoming film. 

Fans got a glimpse into two character designs for the movie, which were Dende and Bulma; which gives us the impression that they will play a slightly more prominent role in the film. 

Image: Toei Animation

We also have a name for the new characters who were revealed at Comic-Con in July. The mysterious and peculiar-looking characters will be called ‘Gamma 1’ and ‘Gamma 2’. Hayashida stated that special attention was given to the characters in the visual department, and it’s something fans can look forward to.

Toshio Furukawa, who voices Piccolo stated that the film has exciting drama and battle parts which have been balanced quite well with Piccolo having a much bigger role in the film. Masako Nozawa, the legendary voice actor of Goku further confirmed that Gohan’s family will appear in the film. 

With all the exciting news and information revealed about the film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is definitely a flick to be hyped about. The film is scheduled for a release in 2022 in Japan but the international release dates are yet to be confirmed.