The Tomorrow War Review

The Tomorrow War is your yet another formulaic alien invading action movie that uses the same repetitive formula with the Interstellar father-daughter relationship binding it together. Chris Pratt portrays Dan Forestor, an ex-military turned high school science teacher who is thrown into a war that will decide the fate of humans in the future and present.  

The opening sequence takes place in 2022 where humans from the future invade the FIFA World Cup to announce that humanity is on the verge of extinction in 2051. This forces world governments to unite against one common enemy – the aliens and mandates a worldwide draft for all civilians. As expected, Dan is conscripted for a week and has to fight the future war, which has a mere 20 percent survival rate. 

The aliens in the movie titled ‘White Spikes’ design is not half bad. Ferocious speed, deadly tentacles and overall creepy build make it a fearsome opponent. 

The explosive action in the movie is decent but is nonsensical. Dramatic moments are preferred which leaves room for several unnecessary commotions that put the characters in jeopardy. The action, while exciting, fails to bring anything new to the table. 

The charismatic cast is probably the only thing that keeps us vested in the movie despite several cliche dialogues thrown around. J.K. Simmons portrays Dan’s estranged mercenary father, who threatens to steal Pratt’s alpha male status whenever the duo is on screen. Yvonne Strahovski and Betty Gilpin also portray their characters as best as possible. 

Director Chris McKay makes his live-action debut with The Tomorrow War, though he has previously directed the well-received The Lego Batman Movie.

While it was initially scheduled for a theatrical release pre-pandemic, we aren’t so sure if the big-screen experience would change our opinion about this film. The Tomorrow War is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

Final Verdict: 2.5 stars (out of 5)