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Marvel’s What If…? Shakes Up The MCU

Marvel’s What If…? is the first animation entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that reimagines certain pivotal events of characters and explores the existence of alternate realities. It’s the fourth Marvel TV show to hit Disney+ this year with every episode focusing on certain events that don’t shy away from killing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes every chance it gets.

The series starts off slow but builds steam in the middle with action-packed episodes that keep you invested in its 30-minute runtime. The penultimate and season finale episodes were packed with absolutely breathtaking visuals and extravagant fight sequences. In order to defeat Ultron who is powered with the infinity stones, the Watcher brings together the Guardians of the Multiverse, who consists of characters we have seen throughout the series. 

The anthology series also touched upon some interesting storylines from the comics such as Marvel Zombies which was fascinating to watch. The portrayal of Dr Strange was surprising, in a good way, and it sets him up as one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU. 

Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher provides all the gravitas and makes for a great narration voice; it’s calm, grave and reflective. The animation style could be rated as between anime and comic book style, with some of Disney’s distinct facial features clearly visible.

Most of the MCU veterans such as Chris Hemsworth, Benedict Cumberbatch and the rest of the gang return to voice their animated counterparts. Seeing the all-star cast take on a goofier approach to their characters was fun but much was left desired from the voice acting. Unfortunately, this series will mark the last time we will hear the Oscar-nominated late actor Chadwick Boseman voice T’Challa. 
For those wondering, Marvel’s What If…? has been renewed for a second season that will drop sometime in 2022. So get ready to witness another run of endless possibilities and ponder the question… What If…?

Final Verdict: 3.5 stars (out of 5)