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Halo TV Series Brings a New Twist to Master Chief’s Story

Paramount Plus has premiered the first full trailer for the Halo series that will bring the Sci-fi odyssey of Master Chief to live-action. The trailer was released by Microsoft and Paramount Plus during the NFL’s AFC Championship announcing that the Halo series is scheduled to premiere on March 24, 2022. 

The series will be the first appearance of Master Chief in a show since Forward Unto Dawn (2012) and is also the first time the Halo franchise has been green light with big-budget TV production. From the trailer, it’s safe to say that the production quality for the series is nothing short of a big-budget action movie. 

While a Halo TV series was originally announced in 2013 with Steven Spielberg as the show’s producer, it stayed in development hell and was pushed back to 2019. After repeated delays, the series was pushed back to 2022 with Kyle Killen as series showrunner and Steven Kane as co-showrunner. 

Halo stars Pablo Shreiber as Master Chief with Jen Taylor as Cortana – who has voiced the character since the release of the first Halo game in 2001. Natasha McElhone the original choice for Cortana in the series will be playing Dr Catherine Halsey. 

For those unaware, Master Chief or John-117 is the primary protagonist of the franchise. 

While we don’t know much about the story of the Halo TV show, we can piece together a rough idea based on the released trailers. The series will largely focus on Master Chief and Cortana as well as their Spartan and UNSC allies. Fans of the franchise can immediately spot some differences between the show and games.

Halo video game developer 343 Industries reiterated that the Paramoun+ show will take place in its own continuity through a “Silver TImeline”, an alternate canon that will be similar to the core timeline of the games and novels but with enough room for change as per the showrunners direction. 

The first Halo game was released for the Xbox in 2001 and has seen several instalments in its ongoing 21 year run including the latest release Halo Infinite which dropped last year. 

Where can I watch the Halo TV series?

Halo series is an exclusive on Parmount+ (yes, even Paramount has its own streaming platform now) Given the popularity of the franchise, Paramount will be counting on its exclusivity to increase its user base. Paramount+ subscription plans start from $4.99/month, 

The decision to structure the film as its own continuity can invite a fresh batch of fans to the franchise’s universe while also surprising long time fans of the Halo game series.