Dragon Ball Super: Will Vegeta tap into a new God form?

Image: Shueisha

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 68 gave us an interesting tease on Vegeta’s new teacher. It seems that Beerus, the God of Destruction might teach Vegeta some new techniques or perhaps even help him attain a new form. 

Vegeta has always been second fiddle to Goku. It’s always been a story of Vegeta chasing Goku in terms of not just power but also forms. However, this new direction will freshen things up and shows character progression for Vegeta. Which as a Dragon Ball fan, is truly amazing. 

Fans might also remember that Whis had asked Vegeta if we wanted to be the next God of Destruction in Resurrection of ‘F’. Could Beerus training Vegeta be hinting towards this move? We will just have to wait and find out. 

Ever since Ultra Instinct and its omen version debuted in the series, Vegeta made it clear that he would surpass Goku using some other method. He earlier tried to attain Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power arc but ultimately felt that the technique wasn’t suited for him. 

The Moro arc elaborated on this further as we saw Vegeta training with the Yardrats and learning the forced spirit fission technique. Meanwhile, we saw Goku mastering Ultra Instinct with the help of trainee angel Meerus. The two Saiyans diverged in their training roads with an ultimate goal to be the strongest.

Image: Toei Animation & Shueisha

The Granola Arc will likely showcase Vegeta picking up some techniques or perhaps even see him tap into a new form. Fans have already theorised that Vegeta might be getting a form that is similar to the one we saw Toppo use in the Tournament of Power arc. And since Toppo was being trained to be the next God of Destruction in Universe 11, he already had access to several God techniques such as the Hakai.

While Hakai might be one of the techniques that Vegeta picks up from Beerus, it’s unlikely that it will be the only one. Considering that Goku already used the Hakai move against Zamasu in the manga, it’s significance has now watered down. 

Image: Shueisha

Ultra Instinct was teased for a long time as the end-all power for our heroes. But the recent chapter has brought to light that Ultra Instinct is a special trait of the angels, while Gods of Destructions have their unique abilities. Which could also be the reason why angels such as Whis and Vados are always in their ultra instinct forms. 

As of this writing, we have also received the first draft pages of Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 69. It seems that Beerus will be teaching Vegeta a technique that is deeply related to the history of the Saiyans. This statement itself raises several eyebrows and it will be interesting to see how this technique connects to the Saiyans. Could Yamoshi, the first Super Saiyan God be on the cards as well? 

Some might consider this as bait and switch, but it will still be interesting to see what this change brings in the future. And considering that Vegeta went through an arc without any new transformations, it seems that the Saiyan prince might be due for a new form in this arc.