Dragon Ball Super Drops New Trailer For Chapter 71

Image: Shueisha

Shueisha has dropped a new trailer for Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 71. The 20-second trailer showcases a combination of various manga panels to tease fans on the upcoming manga chapter which will be released on April 20th.

The opening shots of the trailer show Goku continuing his training with Whis in his quest to master higher levels of Ultra Instinct. After this, we get manga shots of Vegeta in his own different route of training to learn more about the technique owing to the Gods of Destruction. We also get a glimpse into Vegeta performing the Hakai technique. 

The Japanese text in the trailer states that Goku and Vegeta have completed their individual training routines. It further reveals that the actions of the Heeters will cause Goku, Vegeta and Granolah to have a driven by fate meeting. Which we can presume will lead to some sort of mid-climatic battle. 

If the text does indeed hold up for this chapter, it’s quite shocking to know that Goku and Vegeta have already completed their training. As of now, it’s still mere speculation, so keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter.  

Spoiler Alert for Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 71 Below!

The first rough drafts of manga chapter 71 gave us an insight into where Goku is heading with his new training regime. Whis stated that Goku can overcome the stamina problems of Ultra Instinct Omen, by staying in that form at all times. This means that Ultra Instinct Omen may soon become the base form of Son Goku. 

This is quite similar to Goku and Gohan maintaining their Super Saiyan forms after their training in the Room of Spirit and Time during the Cell Saga. The duo strived to maintain their Super Saiyan forms at all times so that their body can adapt to it and consume less stamina in actual battle. 

Image: Shueisha

We are still in the early parts of the Granolah arc, so things can still go anywhere from here. The story so far has indicated that Granolah has a strong hatred towards Frieza, to the extent that he shortened his life to gain enough power to defeat him. So it’s quite safe to assume that the duo will exchange blows at some point as well. We also have OG-73 laying dormant with the Heeters too. 

Needless to say, this arc is promising a lot of things, and only time will tell us if it can meet our expectations.