Dragon Ball Super Manga drops new trailer for Granolah Arc

Image: Shueisha

Dragon Ball Super has released a new trailer for Granolah the Survivor Arc in the manga. The arc began in Chapter 67 of the Dragon Ball Super manga with the next chapter arriving on Feb 19th. 

The trailer shows us a glimpse of what we can expect from the new arc. It seems that Goku will be trying to achieve higher levels of mastered Ultra Instinct, while Vegeta is going to learn some new technique from Beerus, the God of Destruction. Perhaps, in this way, we will see Vegeta get a powerup that puts him on par with Ultra Instinct but using a different technique or form. 

Check out the trailer for Dragon Ball Super Granolah Arc

We also got a peek of the ‘Heeters’, the possible antagonists of this story, who plan to overthrow Frieza and attain supremacy over the universe. 

Also, the part which is not subbed in the trailer – the Oracle Fish prophesies in his sleep, stating that the balance in Universe 7 is shifting and the strongest warrior in the universe will soon rise. Who could this be? We’ll just have to wait and find out. But it’s likely going to be someone who will be the villain of this arc. 

We also know that series creator Akira Toriyama will be the lead writer for this arc. Which is different from the Moro arc, where we saw Toyataro having a bigger part in leading the storyline. 

The Backstory of Granolah

Granolah belongs to the Cerealian race which lived on Planet Cereal. Naturally, going by the pun naming culture of Dragon Ball – Granolah’s name translates to Granola, which is a cereal. 

The home planet of the now bounty hunter was destroyed by the Freiza Force and the Saiyan Army. The trailer and manga chapter 68 also showcased a Great Ape with a scar on his face – which is undoubtedly Bardock destroying the Cerealians.

However, Granolah managed to survive the genocide of his race and now lives with a compulsive desire for revenge against Frieza and the Saiyans. At some point, Granolah became a bounty hunter, who works for the Heeters family.

Given Granolah’s background and the story arc, it is very likely that we will see Freiza and Broly in this arc.

Image: Shueisha

Granolah’s Character Design looks incredible and is one of the cooler Dragon Ball designs we have seen in a while. 

What should we expect?

In a Q&A from V-Jump, Toyotaro gave us some insights into what we can expect in this new arc. 

Which characters should we pay attention to in “Granaloha the Survivor Arc”? 

“Obviously, I want you to pay attention to Granolah himself, but also the group of siblings known as “Heata”. Plus there’s a connection to somebody really surprising that will be revealed, so pay close attention to them too!”

What sort of image did you have in mind when designing the new character Granolah? 

“He’s the last survivor of the Cerealites, so I pictured him as a lone bounty hunter. While he’s humanoid, I emphasized that he does have some physical differences separating him from an Earthling. His clothes are the traditional dress of his race, so I also tried to give him a retro vibe”.

Image: Shueisha

Tell us the highlights of  “Granaloha the Survivor Arc”

Toriyama-sensei composed the plot based on a scenario he refined over time, and I think it resulted in a truly fantastic story. There are some facts and background information that only the original creator knows, so I think you’ll be thrilled!  And obviously, another highlight will be the sort of exhilarating battles you expect from Dragon Ball!

It’s very early to decide how this arc will progress, but given the character of Granolah and its expansion to the Dragon Ball lore, I sure am excited to see what’s next in this arc.