New Dragon Ball Super Arc to begin soon

Image Credit: Viz Media

Dragon Ball Super’s anime run ended in 2018, but that does not mean that its manga counterpart shares the same fate as the TV show. The manga began the Galatic Patrol Prisoner Saga in 2018 and is currently the longest arc in terms of the number of chapters in the manga. While many people speculated that the Dragon Ball Super Manga will continue after the current arc, now we have official confirmation that a new arc is all set to begin in either December or January. 

This confirmation comes from V-Jump editor “Victory” Uchida in his recent interview about the  Dragon Ball Super Manga in which he states that the Moro Arc is at its climax and discussions for a new plot for the story will be underway shortly. The editor also gave us some insights into the discussions between series creator Akira Toriyama and manga director Toyotaro. According to Uchida, the duo share of sense of compatibility with each other and their story ideas are generally improvisations of each others’ thoughts.

The Galatic Patrol Prisoner Saga, also popularly known as the Moro Arc, has received mixed reactions from the Dragon Ball community. Some of the choices made by the characters have been questionable and some have even called it character regression. As of this writing, we don’t have any information on the new arc, though fans are speculating that it might be the Planet Sadala Arc, which has been teased for quite some time. Dragon Ball Super’s Anime return is still not confirmed and with the current pandemic at hand, even existing shows have been delayed or postponed. So the likelihood of the anime returning anytime soon is not plausible. 

Jump Fiesta will be taking place on December 19th and Toyatoro, the manga director will be making an appearance at the same. The Dragon Ball panel will likely give us more information on the new arc and the direction the series will proceed in. 

Dragon Ball Super Manga will come out with chapter 66 on November 20th.