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James Gunn Unveils The Future of DC Films and TV Slate

After an underwhelming direction and result from the DC Extended Universe, it appears that DC finally has a well-thought-out strategy. Director and co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn and Peter Safran fulfilled their commitment to the world to announce by the end of the month by announcing that the studio not only has a plan but is also arguably moving in the best direction it has in decades.

Gunn’s announcement not only laid out a detailed framework for the future of the DC Universe, but he also made it quite obvious where other recent DC movies will fit into the overall body of work the studio has created. 

The next four DC movies (Shazam: Fury of the Gods, The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom) on the schedule will still be released in theatres this year with Gunn confirming that the DCU will unquestionably include the combination of all future DC projects.

Gunn made it clear in the announcement that Aquaman 2 will “lead straight” into all of the other projects that were later announced and that The Flash will essentially “reset the DC Universe.” Even if the words were brief and ambiguous, they were sufficient to excite fans by letting them know that they wouldn’t have to wait even a few years to start seeing Gunn’s vision come to life.

The heads of DC Studios unveiled a cast of well-known heroes and lesser-known characters while also sharing ten projects, discussing Henry Cavill’s departure and addressing the probable future of Ezra Miller as the Flash.

DC Elseworlds

Other DC projects like Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Todd Phillips’ Joker, or the animated series Teen Titans Go will essentially exist in their reality outside of the DCU mainstream. Gunn mentioned that this universe will be known as “DC Elseworlds” and would have distinct, stand-alone tales that are unrelated to previous DC productions.

Chapter 1: God and Monsters 

With the release of Superman: Legacy, a brand-new live-action Superman movie, on July 11, 2025, the first half of chapter one, which these new films and TV programs make up, will officially begin. Here is the initial slate of projects for Chapter 1, in the order, they’re planned to appear.

Creature Commandos (TV Series): The first new project Gunn announced, Creature Commandos (TV series), will centre around a group of “heroes” recruited by Amanda Waller in a setting somewhat similar to Suicide Squad, except that these “heroes” will be of the monstrous type. Additionally, Gunn will write the animated series, which will still be tied to the other live-action projects that will come after it.

Waller (TV series) Amanda Waller is finally getting her series in the DC Universe after serving as the puppet master behind several other DC ventures as far back as 2016. It was revealed that Waller would partner up with some of Peacemaker’s coworkers in addition to the series’ returning lead, Viola Davis.

Superman: Legacy (Movie): Although it was inevitable, Henry Cavill’s exit as Superman nonetheless leaves a bittersweet aftertaste in the film Superman: Legacy. Fans are eager to see Gunn’s new Superman, though, and the sole scheduled film with a release date (July 11, 2025) is set to introduce him.

Lanterns (TV series): This new show will provide fans with a proper live-action adaptation of one of DC’s most well-known and enduring tales, the Lanterns. “Our vision for this is very much in the vein of True Detective,” Safran described.

The Authority (Movie): The Authority, which is based on the Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch-written Wildstorm comic, is arguably the greatest surprise from the announcement. This formidable group of antiheroes decide to take on enormous challenges on their own while simultaneously imposing their will on Earth’s rogue governments.

Paradise Lost (TV series): According to the creators, this HBO Max series is a Game of Thrones-style drama set on the all-female island of Themyscira, the location of Wonder Woman’s birth, and it features political intrigue and power-player plotting. The series will take place before the events of the Wonder Woman movies.

The Brave and The Bold (Movie): The Brave and the Bold will mark the debut of the DC Universe’s Batman as well as Damian Wayne, the son of Batman, who will play a proper live-action, Robin. Gunn pointed out that this project will also lay the groundwork for the entire Bat family in the future though very little information about the movie’s potential plot or idea was provided.

Booster Gold (TV series) The DCU will continue James Gunn’s tradition of introducing lesser-known characters into the fold. The series will focus on Booster Gold, a regular guy from the future who travels back in time and becomes a superhero using the superior technology of his day. In other words, he provides a lot of comic relief in the DC canon and is probably going to end up being a Deadpool-like character for the DCU.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (Movie): During his introduction, Gunn made a point of praising the television series Supergirl and revealing that the character will also have a future in the DC Universe. Gunn also made a point of pointing out that compared to her Kryptonian relative, Supergirl had a lot more terrible childhood and past, and that the movie will be more cynical than viewers might anticipate.

Swamp Thing (Movie): Despite the Swamp Thing show’s prior abject failure for DC, Gunn thinks the character is the ideal piece of the future DCU puzzle he’s aiming to put together. Strangely, Gunn did say that the Swamp Thing narrative would take place entirely outside of the rest of the DCU but would nonetheless contribute to the other projects in the realm.