Dragon Ball announces new official website

Image: Shueisha

Dragon Ball has officially announced its brand new official website for all things related to Dragon Ball. The current Dragon Ball website which mainly features content in Japanese will be shut down when the new all-encompassing website comes online. 

The new website will cover manga, anime, games, movies and anything that has Dragon Ball’s name on it. Fans will be able to access this website shortly from a given date in the future. It will be available in five languages so that fans across the world can access Dragon Ball related information from one single source. The languages it will be available in are Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish. 

A couple of months ago, a mysterious site had created rumours among fans that this could be a possible new Dragon Ball website. The URL of the site was dragon-ball-official.com which was registered as a domain by Shueisha and not Toei Animation, which confirmed that this wasn’t a solely upcoming Dragon Ball movie-related website. Earlier this URL contained a privacy policy but right now, it seems completely inaccessible. 

The main goal of the website is to expand Dragon Ball to its international audience and make it more accessible for people. Earlier, most of Dragon Ball’s latest information and content was largely scattered among several different mediums. Most people would get game-related information from Bandai Namco while anime/manga related news would be largely covered by YouTubers, Twitter and other sources. But this new website will allow anyone and everyone to access all the latest information.

Could this new official website announce the return of Dragon Ball Super anime or a new movie? Maybe, maybe not. To confirm that a new series is on its way would be a blatant lie. As of now, none of these things has been confirmed but the fact that Dragon Ball Super anime will return sometime in the future is inevitable.