After a few good trolls, Spiderman 3 finally gets an official title

Image: Sony/Marvel

After much teasing and trolling around, the untitled Spiderman 3 movie has finally received an official title. The Tom Holland starrer and Spiderman: Far from Home sequel will be titled ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’. It’s slated for a release on December 17, 2021.  

The MCU’s Spiderman movies have always featured the word ‘home’ in their title which was seen in Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) and Spiderman: Far from Home (2019). Naturally, netizens began their take on what the upcoming movie would be titled. And when the pandemic forced people into lockdowns, fans thought that Spiderman: Work from Home could be a possible name too.

Image: Marvel/Sony

Naturally, Marvel used the hype around the movie to launch a coordinated campaign from the co-stars. Tom Holland (Peter Parker), Zendaya (MJ) and Jacob Batalon (Ned) took to social media to share a still of the movie with an ‘official title’. 

Holland announced the official title as Spider-Man: Phone Home, adding, “So excited to announce the new Spider-Man title. Can’t wait for you lot to see what we have been up to. Love from Atlanta.” Zendaya shared the title Spider-Man: Home Slice with the caption “So excited to announce the new Spider-Man title. So proud of this one … FOS [Friends of Spider-Man] is back!”  While Batalon announced Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker. “We’re so excited to share the TITLE of our new movie!!” he wrote. “🤩😝😱 Also enjoy this exclusive still from the movie, just an extra gift from us 😘.”

Marvel then posted an official video of Holland walking out of director Jon Watts office, stating that they were all given the wrong name. As the cast continue their banter, a whiteboard with several suggested names with a real one in larger letters ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ confirms the new title for the movie. 

The upcoming Spiderman movie is one the most anticipated movies of 2021 and for the right reasons too. Jammie Fox and Alfred Molina have been confirmed to reprise their role as Electro and Dr Otto Octavious respectively. Both of them have played Spiderman villains in different Sony franchise’s which has fueled the internet theory that the upcoming Spiderman movie will feature a multiverse storyline.

Benedict Cumberbatch will reprise his role as time-bending and sorcerer Dr Strange. Toby Mcguire and Andrew Garfield have also been rumoured to don the Spiderman suit for this film. If that were indeed to happen, then Spiderman: No Way Home would indeed be the most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made. 

Jon Watts who has directed the previous two instalments of the MCU’s Spiderman franchise will continue his directional role in Spiderman 3.