The Walking Dead Season 11B Review

The Walking Dead Season 11B starts by quickly addressing the multiple cliffhangers from the first part. After 11 seasons of fighting the dead and fearing the living, the characters in the series have become seasoned fighters. However, now they are forced to fight the biggest threat of all: living in society again. 

Rebuilding society to the way it once was, flaws and all, is the main question and driving factor for our characters. The society that existed before the apocalypse was a typical capitalist society, like the one we are familiar with today. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and all the while most of us are just a cog in the plans of the powerful. 

The Commonwealth community has rebuilt this same concept once again and while this is an accepted way of life, our characters sense there is a darker side to the community. And rightly so. This season has a more mystery thriller vibe as our characters try to decipher the hidden truths of the community. 

The Walking Dead Season 11B Review
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Maggi’s answer to Pamela on the reason why Hilltop will pass on the offer to join the community was  ‘Because like you said everything costs something,’. By the end of the extended season, we finally got to know what this ‘cost’ is’.

The Walking Dead season 11B had a couple of moments that reminded us of how The Walking Dead used to be when it was still good. Don’t get me wrong, the series is still doing well for a show that’s been on the air for more than a decade, but its popularity peaked a long time back. 

One particular scene that comes to our mind is with Maggie finishing off The Reapers. The led up to the moment, the emotionless shooting and the background score added this to our list of iconic moments from The Walking Dead series. 

The strained relationship between Maggie and Negan is also something the series portrays quite well. Negan isn’t a good man, but at least he is trying to be one, which can’t be said for most people in the series. Maggie’s decision to reluctantly trust him, despite the former’s actions, shows great character development and completes Negan’s redemption cycle. 

Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) seemed like a friendly figure on the surface but he has a dubious dark side. The most precious item in The Walking Dead isn’t food, shelter or even weapons. It’s trust. Trusting a person can mean the difference between a person dying or living. After almost 11 seasons, our characters understand this fact quite well which is why trusting the commonwealth, a place that promises normalcy is a far cry. 

While the show does have some good parts, there are plenty of moments that leave us scratching our heads. Things, both good and bad, tend to happen to our characters, sometimes out of the blue. The multiple subplots that are happening in the series keep us invested but we hope it pays off in the end. 

Final Verdict: 3.5 stars (out of 5)

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